Sunday, June 19, 2011

New earrings and other pieces in my shop

I mentioned in January my plan to increase my shop inventory to 200 items before October - it's harder than it sounds! I've been floating in the mid 130's for the past few weeks so that's a nice boost over the ~80 items I had when I first declared my goals.

Here are some new favorites I've added lately, starting with my sapphire and iolite bracelet which I just love if I do say so myself!

Some things I list and think "oh now this must just FLY out of my shop" and I'm often wrong, but I know this garnet necklace will find a home one day, and I'm still betting it's soon!

I've got a few earrings based on this simple cascade design - varying lengths of stones dangling from chains for an elegant effect, here shown in green amethyst:

Of course sometimes I go back to pieces that haven't sold and rework them. These HUGE citrine teardrops were revised with a little more of a wrap than I originally had, they are very bold but such lovely large stones.

And finally I picked up a strand of these adorable Trillion cut crystal quartz - these are like perfect pyramids of diamond - they sparkle so much from the detailed surface faceting and needed little extra dressing up from me!

And of course I've been reworking my pictures (again I know!). I picked up this garden trug at Pottery Barn a year or two back and it's a lovely weathered gray wood. It also has overlapping surfaces which help add dimension when I want to show something draped (like in the citrine earrings above), and I love the way the rustic neutral tone sets up the shining sparkle of silver and stones, so I might just stick with this as my main backdrop for a little while!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

My first ever Etsy Front Page - Green Amethyst Earrings

From 4-5 AM EDT today my earrings were included in the Etsy front page Treasury - my first one!

In spite of the early hour, it brought a few hundred visitors into my shop. Those are my earrings in the 2nd row, curated by my Aspiring Artisans Guild teammate, 464HandMade.

So happy!