Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fall Themes - Creating for the Season

Every month Etsy publishes a guide for the coming trends and themes, for shop owners to be prepare their items, pictures, titles, tags, and treasuries to be more fitting with the Front Page and Finds themes that the admin team will be looking to promote.

With my jewelry, that usually means making sure my gems are tagged for the appropriate birthstone (For September, Sapphires will be featured more often). Heading into fall, I picked up a few new leafy pieces to incorporate into my items.

First, I found a nice sterling silver leaf charm, and added gems of Garnet, Beer Quartz, and Citrine in a fall color combo:

Next, these fun little earrings feature carved orange moonstone leaves. I paired them with a small "pumpkin orange" carnelian stone:

I've had these little silver butterfly charms for a while now but wasn't "feeling" a design to make them work. I decided to put lots of smaller stones - again with the fall colors of garnet and citrine - and hung them from bali flower-accented earwires. So, both a nod to the departing summer and a welcome to Autumn in one design:

Here in South Florida we don't get much of an Autumn, and it will feel like summer for the next month or two, but it's still fun to let myself be inspired by the thoughts of a changing season.