Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hurricane Sandy - morning surf in Florida

Hurricane Sandy spared Florida, but the winds and impacts over the Bahamas brought some great looking waves to shore this morning. These pics are from Delray Beach around 8am today:

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Boca Raton hosts the Debate - minutes from home

A major event is just minutes from my house this week. On Monday the third and final 2012 Presidential Debate is being hosted at Lynn University, Boca Raton, FL. The weather today made for a perfect walk to take a look at the preparations. I parked at Patch Reef Park and made the loop around to Military Trail - which will be closed all day Monday 10/22/12. The debate tickets are reserved for students or I would have loved to go!

Lynn University has had a little facelift work done to prepare, and the campus looks great.

This countdown sign has been in place for the past few weeks - 2 days to go:

News crews, security teams, and other involved groups have been arriving on the campus the past few days. A helicopter is circling overhead nonstop now.

The ducks on the outer perimeter pond are not impressed...

Sunday, June 17, 2012

June Hailstorm - South Florida Style

Friday afternoon the clouds darkened a little and the wind picked up...nothing unusual this time of year. Shortly after the rain started it was obvious this was no normal storm. The house was being pummeled with ice - in spite of being over 90F! Not cute little pea hail, but chunks like ice cubes slamming down. So incredibly loud, I was worried perhaps my car would be covered in dents (fortunately not). It lasted only a few minutes, and then finished with some normal rain before passing.

I captured a few shots around the house afterwards. This hanging orchid captured a melting chunk:

In the front of the house, ice nestled among these Crown of Thorns:

In back, hail gathered around this newly planted baby coconut palm:

Just walking on the grass was slippery!

I've never seen hail like this in Florida before!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Branching Out

I've been interested in partnering with a local boutique or two, and one recently found me: "Uniquely Palm Beach" the gift shop at the Cultural Council of the Palm Beaches, in Lake Worth.

The council building features a gallery and sponsors many local art events. Proceeds from sales in the gift shop also benefit artist programs so it's all for a great cause! The Council recently moved into the new facility on Lake Avenue (a lovely bohemian street of boutiques, antique shops, restaurants and such), and the gift shop opened earlier this year. They feature works from several local artists and a wide variety of items, and I'm proud to be included!

The shop is also very cute and stylish! I'll have a home for my items in the jewelry case shown here:

I'm excited to see how things go over the coming months.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Cherry Blossoms in Japan (just starting)

I'm back! Our Japan trip was amazing, and I am already planning our return. The Sakura trees decided to wait a bit longer than expected this year so we saw a lot in bud, but at least few that decided to show off while we were there:

In Kamakura:

In Nara:

In Kyoto:
 And in Tokyo:

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Japan...almost on our way!

While we're lucky enough to have a small flavor of Japan about a mile from our house (at the Morikami Museum and Gardens), Ken and I have been talking of a trip to Japan for years. We were all set to go, and then March 11th of last year of course the devastating earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear events put everything on hold...till now.

We take off Wednesday morning, arriving Thursday afternoon in Tokyo. Four days later, we'll go out to Kyoto, then back to Tokyo for the weekend again before returning home. Packing is well underway, itinerary is mostly set, and I'm updating my shop Monday night to set the shipping time expectations very clearly throughout.

I plan to take a LOT of pictures so I'll probably have several posts on the trip after I get back!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Gemstone Shopping Mini-Spree

The intergalactic gem show was in town this weekend. I'd be holding off ordering new stones for a while in anticipation - there's nothing quite like looking over the strands close up to decide which one is perfect before you buy!. At seller at one booth, observing me browse, commented: "I'm enjoying watching you - a connoisseur - I can see you know exactly what you're looking for!"
Now to find some time to make these into new jewelry for my shop!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Winter Orchids

Cold weather snaps (like the one we're feeling this weekend) have been unusually rare this winter in South Florida. As a result, my orchids have been a little slower than usual to acknowledge that it's blooming season. But it's worth the wait. Many of my plants are in bud; these few among the first to produce flowers this year: First up a pink/white Phalaenopsis. I picked him up two years ago at a show, and displayed him on a coffee table for a few months. Then regrettably I transferred him outside and he caught a little too much sun too quickly and was almost completely gone. So I'm happy to see this plant fully recovered and again displaying these lovely tall multiple spikes for me!
Here is a simple white and purple mini-dendrobium:
And a lovely petite white and yellow Phal:
This pink Phal is smaller than the other, but has such pretty flowers:
I love the tropical colors and details of this small phal hybrid:
More to come as the rest of the spikes mature.. Pin It

Monday, February 6, 2012

Sakura Blossoms at the Morikami

We're getting ready to travel to Japan next month for a long-awaited trip. In the meantime, the Morikami Museum and Gardens (just around the corner from my home) provides a little touch of Japanese history, culture, and experience to create a nice short escape for an hour or two. We became members last year so and try to take advantage of that by visiting all the festivals and events when we can. This weekend we popped in to see their Sakura trees in bloom.
The gardens frame a small lake in the middle of the complex.
The gardens include a bamboo forest, and many rock arrangements.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

I curated the Etsy Front Page today!

My Red/Valentine's themed treasury was selected for the Etsy Front Page today from Noon - 1pm (EST). The collection featured some of my Aspiring Artisan's Guild teammates, as well as some other favorites sprinkled throughout. This is a first for me so I was quite pleased! A couple of the items appear to have sold as a result as well.