Sunday, February 12, 2012

Winter Orchids

Cold weather snaps (like the one we're feeling this weekend) have been unusually rare this winter in South Florida. As a result, my orchids have been a little slower than usual to acknowledge that it's blooming season. But it's worth the wait. Many of my plants are in bud; these few among the first to produce flowers this year: First up a pink/white Phalaenopsis. I picked him up two years ago at a show, and displayed him on a coffee table for a few months. Then regrettably I transferred him outside and he caught a little too much sun too quickly and was almost completely gone. So I'm happy to see this plant fully recovered and again displaying these lovely tall multiple spikes for me!
Here is a simple white and purple mini-dendrobium:
And a lovely petite white and yellow Phal:
This pink Phal is smaller than the other, but has such pretty flowers:
I love the tropical colors and details of this small phal hybrid:
More to come as the rest of the spikes mature.. Pin It

Monday, February 6, 2012

Sakura Blossoms at the Morikami

We're getting ready to travel to Japan next month for a long-awaited trip. In the meantime, the Morikami Museum and Gardens (just around the corner from my home) provides a little touch of Japanese history, culture, and experience to create a nice short escape for an hour or two. We became members last year so and try to take advantage of that by visiting all the festivals and events when we can. This weekend we popped in to see their Sakura trees in bloom.
The gardens frame a small lake in the middle of the complex.
The gardens include a bamboo forest, and many rock arrangements.