Sunday, October 9, 2011

In hopes of attracting more birds to my garden, I recently purchased up a small birdfeeder, picking one that nicely matches my orchid arbor, to hang in the middle. I've focused on Cardinal bird food (mainly sunflower seeds), but it proves equally attractive to Blue Jays, Crows...and of course squirrels. The latter of which are no longer afraid of me, and allow me to approach within 10 feet before they scurry off. The cardinals have visited a few times but they are not fond of the camera - finally got a good shot of one today (still had to max out my zoom):
Yesterday morning, I found Mr. and Mrs. in the garden:
Here's my most frequent visitor:

Monday, October 3, 2011

October & some Orchids

This past weekend the weather was just perfect here in South Florida: the humidity eased, the temperature dropped just enough, and the breeze picked up ever so slightly.

Some of my more hardy orchids are noticing the change in season. Why the Phals are more strict about their show dates and won't tempt me for a few more months, some of my more reliable multi-bloomers are out.

This Brassavola Nodosa has lovely white waxy flowers - fragrant only at night. He has outgrown his basket several times over the years and been separated into now about 3 plants (maybe 4...I think my mother has one from me now).

The little blue Ascocenda has such pretty blooms:

This dendrobium is quite hardy - I have him on a lower shelf and it looks like some critter has taken a few bites from a leaf, but he's such a bright bloomer.

Hopefully more plants will follow suit in the coming months!