Monday, December 20, 2010

Treasury - A sampling of the more eclectic side of Etsy

I recently joined the "Treasury Friends Team" on Etsy and it's grown to be quite a large group, now over 200 shops. While we have our share of jewelry shops, soaps, knits, photography, and the more populated category items on Etsy, there is a good cross section of sellers with things you just won't find anywhere else.

I made this treasury collection last night to feature some of my favorite. The dinosaur-terrarium seems to be a popular hit.
I found the four-leave-clover pendants yesterday, in the shop AsLuckWouldHaveIt, and I just had to include Cineloh's print with her little swinging birds.

Friday, December 17, 2010

7 days away.....

It's almost that time. The window for online shopping seems to be winding down. I can't complain at all! I've done about double the business in my little shop for December vs. November so far, sent many little packages everywhere to be gifts for friends, wives, partners, nieces, and I'm sure a few "self-gifts" as well.

Now I need to relax, and make a few things for my Mum (a few weeks ago I gave her some smoky quartz earrings... it took her all of 8 seconds to say "would you happen to be able to make a matching pendant..."), and my Sister (her birthstone is April which is technically Diamond so that's not viable... not sure WHAT to make for her just yet), and a few new things for my shop for the after-holiday buyers. But for the next few days I'm going to finish up holiday shopping and decorating! My gemstone ornaments that brought a lot of traffic into my shop sadly didn't sell as much as I'd hoped - no worries they will go on my tree, and in stockings for my mum and sister too!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

New Gemstone Earrings - ready for the holidays

I've added some new designs lately. A mix of simple and more detailed pieces. Hope you like them! All are up in my shop now, you can visit them and everything else I have at AeridesDesigns