Sunday, November 28, 2010

A custom earrings & necklace request - from Facebook

In addition to my blog, I also have a Facebook page for my shop to share new designs with friends and customers. (here) I was found by someone new this week, who liked my avatar earrings, (you can find those here:), and she posted on my wall asking if I could make them in Citrine; she was looking to treat herself for her birthday - November's birthstone is citrine and one of my favorite gems.

Luckily, being a bit of a Citrine collector, I had plenty of stones on hand to recreate the design for her. She liked the look so much she then asked for a matching necklace - which I modeled in the same stones, but similar layout to a Garnet design I had already made. I like how they turned out - a custom set, but not too "matchy". 

The experience was great to "share" on FB as this sort of exchange creates more visibility than just a simple sale in my shop - the "impressions" Facebook recorded of the posting of the new earrings was up to 800 as of today.

Hopefully Michelle is as pleased with the results as I am when they arrive!

12/3: Update - Yup she loved them! Posted lovely comments on my FB, and Etsy feedback pages as well.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Garden in Bloom (gotta love November in South Florida)

We suffer through July, August and September - even those well acclimated to 95F/95%Humidity - day in and day out. Our poor gardens struggle. While our friends up North enjoy summer blooms, we have only the hardiest of bushes willing to bother with a flower or two.

But "Fall" in Florida is our time for the pretty bedding plants - just as the rest of the country starts to prepare for their first frosts, we are rewarded!

Roses recover:

And orchids begin their favorite season:

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Etsy on GOOP

Gwyneth Paltrow posted an article for holiday shopping on her GOOP website, endorsing shopping for personalized, "made for you" items. Included in her recommendations was an Etsy seller - No not me, hah! VOHandmade: Gwyneth featured her recipe cards - VO also makes invitations, greeting, and business cards.

Click here for the complete GOOP Article

And Click Here for VO's Shop

Congratulations!!! (I hope Gwyneth gave you a heads up to prepare inventory for the in flux of great business!)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Etsy follow up on "CoralGate"

Etsy put up a new article last night featuring responses from two jewelry designers who are very active in the Etsy forum community: DesignedbyLucinda and LeeOhio.

Took a while, but I'm glad to see the other side get the same exposure as the original post.

(see my october entry on controversy for the original article and info if you like).