Sunday, November 28, 2010

A custom earrings & necklace request - from Facebook

In addition to my blog, I also have a Facebook page for my shop to share new designs with friends and customers. (here) I was found by someone new this week, who liked my avatar earrings, (you can find those here:), and she posted on my wall asking if I could make them in Citrine; she was looking to treat herself for her birthday - November's birthstone is citrine and one of my favorite gems.

Luckily, being a bit of a Citrine collector, I had plenty of stones on hand to recreate the design for her. She liked the look so much she then asked for a matching necklace - which I modeled in the same stones, but similar layout to a Garnet design I had already made. I like how they turned out - a custom set, but not too "matchy". 

The experience was great to "share" on FB as this sort of exchange creates more visibility than just a simple sale in my shop - the "impressions" Facebook recorded of the posting of the new earrings was up to 800 as of today.

Hopefully Michelle is as pleased with the results as I am when they arrive!

12/3: Update - Yup she loved them! Posted lovely comments on my FB, and Etsy feedback pages as well.

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