Sunday, June 17, 2012

June Hailstorm - South Florida Style

Friday afternoon the clouds darkened a little and the wind picked up...nothing unusual this time of year. Shortly after the rain started it was obvious this was no normal storm. The house was being pummeled with ice - in spite of being over 90F! Not cute little pea hail, but chunks like ice cubes slamming down. So incredibly loud, I was worried perhaps my car would be covered in dents (fortunately not). It lasted only a few minutes, and then finished with some normal rain before passing.

I captured a few shots around the house afterwards. This hanging orchid captured a melting chunk:

In the front of the house, ice nestled among these Crown of Thorns:

In back, hail gathered around this newly planted baby coconut palm:

Just walking on the grass was slippery!

I've never seen hail like this in Florida before!

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