Sunday, February 27, 2011

The mini orchid show - Boca Raton

Every year on Valentine's weekend a small orchid show and sale fills the local Spanish River middle school - maybe 5 mins from home. Since it's less hectic and "serious" than the large shows, my sister comes with me and brings Hannah and Cameron, my niece and nephew, and treats them to a plant. It falls conveniently after a recent report card for both of them. Hannah picked a small pink and white phal, and Cameron opted for a tropical plant in a painted coconut shell. The main goal is to get them through the show each year with no tears, and this was a success.

Here's Hannah: (future next Taylor Swift, future jewelry apprentice):

And Cameron: (future homecoming king, future surf champion)

Another young brother and sister were not so lucky - he turned around at the wrong time and knocked the single blooming spike right off her pretty little plant - heartbreaking! The young girl was upset, but I think her brother was more - it was just an innocent accident and I could see he felt very bad, poor things. So bringing kids to orchid shows is a bit of a challenge, as is ensuring your own flowers make it out and home with no similar damages.

Some of the bigger displays:


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  2. Your new jewelry is beautiful. The orchid show looks very pretty. Ah, I can relate to the spike incident....I have had my one large Phal fall off of a table one time, the spike broke right off, that is pretty heartbreaking. Just the other day, it was early in the morning (no caffeine yet) and I was watering one of my phal and broke a bud off, another goof. I'm glad you had fun though. The pretty orchids remind me of the pretty jewelry.

  3. Hello,

    The Flower Show looks like it would have been lovely to attend!
    I have never been to one.

    I found your Blog on Handmadeology!
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