Thursday, March 3, 2011

Creative Marketing - would you vote for me?

Heartsy is a new site that popped up recently that has the Etsy forums buzzing a little. Much like Groupon, shops submit offers for a group discount (certain number of deals at a certain price, pretty nice discounts). Heartsy pays the shops, then passes the discounts onto the shoppers Then shoppers buy the coupon/discount, come to your shop and hopefully fall in love!

It's brand new so there's no added fees, the discounts are passed in full to the buyer, so it's a great deal.

I've submitted my shop, and put up the requested pictures of some items - it's all anonymous until/unless I'm selected, but I do need a few more votes to be featured!

Click here to go to one of my shop items on heartsy - please pick "Yes, Definitely!"

I listed up the following 4 pictures on the site. If enough people "Definitely" want a deal from me, they will offer it on the site and work with me to set it all up. I love the marketing aspect of running my shop, so this is a fun experiment and I hope to get picked!

A couple of the pictures I loaded up you have seen before from my january posts, here are a couple more I selected to show:

Wish me luck (and thank you if you voted!)


  1. Hi,

    I hope this went well for you!
    I got to this offer to late to vote :(
    Thanks for introducing this site though!


  2. Thank you! I made the "count" before the time ended, we'll see if we work out a sale, and I'll post here if I do.

  3. Hi,

    I sent you an email too, but I forgot to ask you how long do they run this special on your shop?


  4. Hi there, got your email - not sure yet! Waiting to hear from Hearsty to work out the details if/when!