Monday, March 21, 2011

Petite Pretties - Sometimes Simple is Beautiful Too

Earlier, I wrote about my expanding complex, multi-stone cluster earrings. This weekend I decided to go in completely the other direction, and remember that many beautiful gems need almost no dressing up to make a statement by themselves.

Particularly with a nice larger stone (10mm or more), a little accent of silver is perfect. I'm not one to wear longer earrings to work either, but I only leave the house with naked ears if I'm going running, so I was inspired by some of my stones to create the following, which I'll add to the shop this week.

Nice big juicy deep red garnets:

Funky Rutilated Quartz:

Mystic Blue Quartz:

And beautiful Clear Crystal Quartz:

Yes, these were all pictured outside - I haven't abandoned by interior pictures but the smaller earrings just get dwarfed with too much of a setting I find - also the weather was soooo perfect this weekend I used it as an excuse to spend more time on the patio!


  1. The garnets are looking great! I love that you called them juicy :) They actually kind of remind me of june bugs! XO, Kelly

  2. Whether your jewelry is simple, or extravagant, your jewelry is always so beautiful and lovely.
    And because of that I cannot pick a favorite here :)

  3. Thank you both - Kelly, I'm going to borrow that when I list these!