Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Morning

This year is just flying by. With May's arrival, most of my spring blooming orchids are putting on their final display for the season.

I picked up this ascocenda at the January Orchid Show in Fort Lauderdale - he's already on his third bloom spike so he's a constant bloomer so far:

This Phal usually gives me a couple of spikes in late spring - a second shoot is on the way now.

More Phals:

Never to be outdone, my roses are starting to show off too:


  1. Your orchids and rose are gorgeous!

  2. Your orchids are just so beautiful. I have a few that are just finishing their bloom time now, they started in winter so, ready for their rest now. I have two phals in spike and I look forward to them blooming. I cannot have my orchids outside like you can, not for a while longer anyway, until it warms up a bit more. Enjoy your gorgeous blooms.


  3. I have always tried to grow orchids, and I always fail!
    Now I just admire them :)
    Thank you for all the beautiful pictures, they are gorgeous <3

  4. I love orchids! I can't keep anything alive though so I never buy plants anymore

  5. It's been a while since I've picked up one of those beauties! You have totally inspired me to adopt one :) XO, Kelly

  6. I love the orchids, but I admit that I'm very envious of anyone who can grow roses! Hope you enjoy spring : )

  7. Thank you all - it's getting so hot here lately it might be a while before the next blooms but maybe something will surprise me!