Sunday, May 22, 2011

Photographing Jewelry for my Etsy shop - expanded edition

A couple of months ago I wrote about my experiments with photographing jewelry for my Etsy shop, and it was probably my most commented post so far. Recently I joined the Aspiring Artisan Guild on Etsy, so when Sarah-Lambert of Tuckoo and Moo Cow, our team leader, asked for a volunteer to write about the same topic I jumped in. Here's the link to the full post:

How to Photograph Jewelry

Here's a snippet:

"The first time I tried to take pictures of my jewelry to sell on Etsy, I ended up almost in tears. Here I was all ready to start my shop, but I had no clue what I was doing with my camera. I think I tried the classic black velvet background, indoors, with a flash. I ended up with blurry overexposed pictures. The lint on the velvet was the only thing that was clear. My husband mentioned something about macro mode but I didn’t even know what that was. About the only thing I knew for editing was cropping...."

I'm no expert yet, but I'm happy that I'm getting a bit better. And it was fun writing about it too.

My "patio staging studio":


  1. This is a really good post, thank you! Photography is my least favorite thing--probably because I'm so bad at it. I'll use your tips.

  2. Learning to do something new is always a process, photographing jewelry would be a fun one! You're doing great :) XO, Kelly