Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Mango Tree thinks it's Fall already...

The fruit have all fallen now and my Mango is quickly preparing to do it all over again, first by shedding leaves all over the patio and yard. Since we don't exactly get "Fall Foliage" here in South Florida, at least it's nice to see these colors...

A couple of neighbors stopped by to harvest many of the mangoes during their peak, but many, as usual, became treats for squirrels and blue jays. My back yard smelled like a tropical cocktail for a solid month no matter how often I went around gathering the fallen fruits! Often the critters got well done with their bounty leaving only a central husk from the mango...most of these I left in the grass.

While raking up the leaves, I found that many of these discarded husks are now sprouting forth baby trees. So I gathered up about 8 and potted them to coax them along for a while and maybe find new homes. I was interested in the way the husk splits open to give birth to the new trees...mother nature repeating her own design but adapting it with a different color ;)


  1. Our white birch starts dropping leaves at the mid-summer point and they are starting to fall now. No good fruit tho like your mangoes!
    xo Cathy