Wednesday, September 14, 2011

On Time Management and Organization - some help from MooreMagnets

I've mentioned I joined the Aspiring Artisan's Guild this past spring - a great group of like-minded Etsy shop owners looking to improve and grow our small businesses. It's a nice team - lots of helpful people, events, motivation, and a great sense of camaraderie (yes I had to look that up to spell but it was the best word).

One of my teammates is April of MooreMagnets. (She also has a supply shop, LessMagnets, and that name makes me smile).

April has been on Etsy far longer than me - her avatar is one that most anyone familiar with the Etsy finds or front pages would recognize - her iconic magnetic pens help define her and her brand.

But she is mostly known for her magnet boards, like this lovely pink pastel one:

On her blog, twitter, and within our team forums, April is a great advocate of time management, which is so important for any small business, and also fits well with her brand: Boards, Magnets and Message Centers, all tie together with her central theme of orgnaziation, all born from a need to find a better way to help her children display things safely and (presumably) attractively.

Her blog is really well organized, and has taken full advantage of a lot of the widgets and tools to really tie it all together that I hope to "borrow" from!

Please visit April's Moore Magnets Blog to follow her Time Management series, I hope you will enjoy her frank and focused style as well as her tips! You will also find links there to her FB/Twitter, and website as well.