Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Revisiting the park

Earlier this summer I visited the nature trail at the south county park - a real nice escape from the normally congested South Florida environment:

I went back this past weekend just to walk around and see if I might find anything new. I'll start with a nice butterfly picture (another Daggerwing I think), but I do warn you now the other critters are an acquired taste - a little beyond the backyard.

This elegant crane is one of a few that hang out around the lake:

Had a little stare down with this grasshopper - he was huge - probably 3" long. Just look though at the beautiful colors on him:

Ok this guy...made me jump back a little...I think this is an anole lizard. Pretty big (definitely over a foot including that tail) and very aware of me while I captured these pics...Ok so I had the zoom on but still...The scaliness around his mouth has him looking so prehistoric to me:

I'll make another trip back later in the fall and see what else pops up then!