Sunday, October 17, 2010

A little Etsy controversy for a fun weekend on the forums!

This weekend, Etsy (the marketplace for handmade and vintage sellers - including me!) featured a post on their blog "The Storque" by Temple St. Clair. TSt.C is a jewelry designer - high end fine jewelry - found in Saks and other similar venues. Needless to say, not handmade, not a company needing Etsy's promotion (vs. a few thousand on-site paying Etsy Jewelry designers).
TSt.C posted an anti-coral article, which may have some merits but left out a lot of things, including balance... but either way, a lot of sellers are alarmed at Etsy's venue being given to a non-Etsy seller and promotion of their website. Comments were eventually locked, but I got my point in around 8:55pm last night (10/16)

Etsy Storque Article 10-15 by Temple St. Clair re Coral Usage

"Apparently Etsy couldn't find any actual Etsy Jewelry designers to interview, and bent their own TOU to publish and link to an off-site seller?
Regardless of the opinion stated, its validity or not, there are so many talented, amazing artists here to feature .... and yet.....oh such a waste of an opportunity...for shame."

Much follow up fun on the Etsy forums all weekend...

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  1. Oh wow, I had no idea about this! For shame, Etsy! I am in total agreement with you. Etsy is an amazing place, but it really is frustrating trying to stand out among the masses (and let's face it, jewelry is a gigantic mass), and even more frustrating when you hear of things like this happening. Maybe it's time for me to focus on other venues..

    btw, thank you for the follow! :) Best of luck with your new blog and etsy shop! Your work is beautiful!