Sunday, January 16, 2011

2011 Orchid Show - Fort Lauderdale

Mum and I have been going to this January show for at least a dozen years. We've got this thing down to a science (two laps, one to peruse, one to buy), and enjoy mocking the overpriced, understocked, and no-it-won't-bloom-for-2-years-who-are-you-kidding sellers.

This year we were committed to not buying any more white Phals (I think I have a dozen). I picked up a red Asc. with roots more showy than blooms, and a pair of red Phals potted together (4 spikes, 3 feet each - this one will be showing off on my living room coffee table for the next 3 months).

I also picked up an Aerides - they don't usually bring them to the shows as they are late spring bloomers - maybe mine will do the same!

Things I didn't buy, but were awesome, starting with this black orchid: ($200 blooming or $80 for a baby..yeah....not happening!)

This vanda won "best purple vanda" in the show, it was almost a grey purple, very cool:

And I found some Paphs and Catt's also - (Paphs still creep me out, so Day-of-the-Triffids).

I said no white Phals, but behind this one shop, there is this ramp, and a backstage area, I always sneak a peak at the stock sellers are holding for the 2nd day, and just, well, how can I resist - they perform so well!

Boca mini-show coming up over valentine's weekend!


  1. It is great to meet not only someone who is a fellow orchid lover but someone who creates beautiful jewelry as well. LIke you, I hit the orchid show here in NYC every year with my husband. I so love my orchid collection and here in NY, they help get me through the drab winter weather.

    I also have an etsy shop, would you like to be in a circle with me?? I will add you to mine.


  2. How gorgeous! I am crazy for orchids! I was just saying to a friend that I am so thankful for them and amaryllis. All winter long I can have a houseful of bloom, patiently awaiting the first crocus to start the outdoor flower display in my garden. J'adore Flora!

    Thanks for this burst of blooms.

  3. My house is filled with philodendrons and my yard with lilac and roses because I'm not very good at taking care of plants that I'm not allowed to eat (my strawberries? I'm like a doting mama). But how I love how beautiful these are! Can you grow orchids outside in Florida?

  4. They love the outdoors here more than in. I'll try to get a pic of my orchid gazebo the next time they are blooming nicely!