Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Grape Clusters

For some time now, many of my earring designs have focused on either a single focal gem, or trio of stones, usually accented with some other gem, but a simple theme.

I made my first "cluster" (8 stones in one earring) in December, in blue Iolite, which promptly sold to a return customer. I made them again, and then decided to go a little Bigger with design of garnets. These red earrings are getting lots of visits - of course it is January and red is popular for Valentines Day.

These are the original Iolite:

Now larger in Garnet:

So I went back to the Iolite and made another longer design the same as the garnets. And now greens with a similar design in Peridot. These take far longer than other designs to make, and of course use a lot more stones, but I really like how they are turning out.

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