Saturday, January 8, 2011

Resolutions - ok so I'm a bit late

1 - No more "graduated" strands of gems. I'm a bit of a perfectionist OCD freak. Matching pairs is probably my biggest time suck of designing earrings. When that strand catches my eye "8mm - 14mm" I must resist the urge and go looking for smaller variation ranges, or none at all. Just gimme a strand where they are all the same size is that too much to ask!!! Ok this is easier with rondelles and small stones, but the focals, briolettes, etc., not so much.

2 - Build inventory - Getting the shop up to 100 listings by January close, and 200 by November ready for the next holiday season. This will be harder than it sounds, but the most successful jewelry shops on Etsy all have 2-3-4 times my inventory and I want to be competitive.

3 - Diversify - more necklaces, and hey why not some bracelets. Necklaces actually are a good way to use those single stones left over with no match - I have this one great strand of citrine where a good 3 or 4 NICE big perfect stones just are too individual, so this will help me with #1 as well.

4 - Make more Etsy treasuries. Fun, free, exposure, and networking all in one. Yes, a bit time consuming but most good things are. 1 per week MINIMUM! Like this one:

Pretty in Pink

5 - Lose 10 lbs, run more, etc. etc.

6 - Blog more!

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