Thursday, January 6, 2011

Etsy Finds - Featured in a high traffic Treasury

It's not the coveted "Front Page" (yet), but it's certainly more exposure for which I'm very grateful to the Treasury Friends Team (and Retropops!).

Every day Etsy sends out an email - Etsy Finds - to the subscribers (shops and buyers), est. about 200k folks. They typically include handpicked items within a them and sometimes link to curated Treasuries by members - needless to say these emails get good readership and traffic, and so do the resulting links.

My garnet earrings (the ones I wrote about the other day) have been placed in a few treasuries lately, including one that made it into the Finds email on Jan 4. I saw a large uptick in traffic as a result.

(that's me, 3rd row down on the left). Nope they haven't sold yet, but I'm not worried about that - there's tons of browsing for garnets and reds between January and Valentine's shoppers right now, the extra eyes on my shop is good enough news for me.

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